Roads, Reserves and Footpaths

Build Roads


Council is responsible for maintaining a total road network of approximately 798km. This increases every year. This consists of approximately 348km of sealed roads, approximately 380km of formed and surfaced roads and approximately 70km of unformed roads.

Council’s 2013/14 budget includes the following proposed works as part of the annual Road Resealing Program and Unsealed Road Sheeting Program. 

Council endeavours to complete the Road Resealing Program and Unsealed Road Sheeting Program within the indicated year, however the program can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs the affected segment will be scheduled in a future works program.

New Construction or Reconstruction

Asset Name Locality Segment
Hawthorn Street Dawesley Donald Street to 219m north Donald Street


Asset Name Locality Segment
Dawesley Rd Dawesley Pyrites Rd to Hawthorn St
Sawpit Gully Rd       Dawesley 1001m east Old Princes Hwy to Ding Dong Rd
Hagen St Echunga Marianna St to 162m north Marianna St
Hawthorn Rd Echunga Echunga Rd to Liebelt Summer Tr
Marianna St Echunga Adelaide Rd to West St
West St Echunga Adelaide Rd to Marianna St
Woodgate St Echunga Hagen St to 78m north Hagen St
Stamps Rd Flaxley Flaxley Rd to 895m east Flaxley Rd
Stamps Rd Flaxley Willcox Rd to Bugle Range Rd
Whites Rd Flaxley Strathalbyn Rd to 552m west Strathalbyn Rd
Braun Dr Hahndorf Mount Barker Rd to Willow End
English St Hahndorf Mount Barker Rd to Theile Gr
English St Hahndorf Collins St to Molens Rd
Molens Rd Hahndorf Kramm Av to Schubert Dr
Strempel Av Hahndorf Balhannah Rd to 445m south Balhannah Rd
Willow End Hahndorf Braun Dr to Windsor Av
Baker St Littlehampton Darnley St to Gardner St
Cleggett Rd Littlehampton 1728m south Totness Rd to Old Princes Hwy
Clems La Littlehampton Cleggett Rd to 339m west Cleggett Rd
Darnley St Littlehampton Old Princes Hwy to Baker St
Bugle Range Rd Macclesfield 2195m south Stamps Rd to Kingrose St
Cunliffe St Macclesfield Searle St to Sturt St
Davies St Macclesfield Kingrose St to Marriott St  
Luck St Macclesfield Vernon St to Devereux St
Searle St Macclesfield Todd St to Davis Rd
Vernon St Macclesfield Luck St to Lutterworth St
Bollen Rd Mount Barker Hawthorn Rd to Allen Av
Hampden Rd Mount Barker Hutchinson St to Victoria Cr
Hartman Rd Mount Barker Dean St to Sims Rd
Mann St Mount Barker Adelaide Rd to Hutchinson St
Pridmore Tce Mount Barker Stephen St to Hutchinson St
Princes Rd Mount Barker James St to Albert Rd
Princes Rd Mount Barker Edward St to James St
Reuben Pope Ct Mount Barker Springs Rd to 159m north Springs Rd
Walker St Mount Barker Gawler St to Mann St
Waterford Av Mount Barker Roundabout to Roundabout
Hillman Dr Nairne Torrens St to 272m west Murphy Ct
Shakes Rd Nairne Britannia Rd to 289m south Britannia Rd
Torrens St Nairne Hillman Dr to Nairne Rd
Diagonal Rd Totness Follett Cl to Mount Barker Rd
Follett Cl Totness Mount Barker Rd to 298m south Diagonal Rd

Unsealed Roads 

Council regularly receives requests from ratepayers to seal unsealed roads. These may be roads in rural areas and townships areas. 

Council expends considerable resources on unsealed roads. Programs include patrol grading, sheeting, road-side vegetation management, dust suppression, road sealing, signage, road-side marker posts, bridges and culverts.

All maintenance/upgrading needs and requests require assessment. Please see below for the criteria used to assess rural and township unsealed roads.

Note: Some roads in the district are the responsibility of the State Government, administered by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) e.g. Adelaide Road, Mount Barker, South Eastern Freeway, Wellington Road, Mount Barker, Princes Highway. Generally these are arterial roads. 

Township Road Sealing Criteria

The following criteria are not in any particular order.

1. Number of properties fronting the road

2. Daily traffic volumes on the road

3. Drainage issues presenting a risk to property damage and road users

4. Impact on the net maintenance effort required and the net whole of life cost as identified within Council’s asset management planning

5. Extent to which road safety would be increased

6. Extent of demonstrated demand for sealing of the road from the community

7. Any other factor considered relevant by Council, including any matter that may be unique to a particular road.

Make a request

Written requests, addressing the above relevant criteria, should be forwarded to:

Attention: Administration, Infrastructure & Projects 

Subject: Request to Seal Road


Mail: PO Box 54, MOUNT BARKER SA 5255

Fax: 08 8391 7200

Additional Information

There is no guarantee that requests included on the eligible applications list will be successful. Council will continue to monitor the condition of the road and undertake maintenance as required.

The Sealing of Roads Program forms part of the Annual Capital Works Program, which is subject to public consultation as part of Council’s Annual Business Plan. This public consultation is a statutory requirement. 

Rural Road Sealing Criteria

1. Road Safety 

Improves safety of the transport network where the severity and risk of accidents are minimised.

Improves safety for all road users

Accident history

Road geometry (road safety audit)

School bus use.

2. Road Maintenance 

Provides a cost effective road network.

Decreases the net maintenance effort and reduces the net whole of life cost as identified within Council’s asset management planning

Relative maintenance cost including dust suppression control, if any.

3. Road Network and Access

Provides an equitable and accessible transport network that allows for consistent and reliable travel

Provides good connectivity to the road network

Would not result in a change in the nature/status of the road unless identified in the Transport Master Plan

Would not result in a flow in effect producing other issues from a road network perspective such as traffic volumes beyond the road purpose

Strategic significance and improves transport links as identified in the Transport Master Plan

Number of properties fronting the road

Daily traffic volumes on the road

Likely to have an increase in road movements over the next 3 years.

4. Economic Development 

Supports the economic, industry and trade development of the District

Develops a road network that assists in the economic development of the district

Provides a freight network that allows goods to be efficiently transported to their markets in a fit for purpose condition

Reduces operating costs for freight transport.

External Funding Opportunities

Recognition that projects may be given a higher priority if external funding is available.

Substantial pre-planning required 

Sections of the road network may require substantial pre-planning including but not limited to:

Community consultation

Liaison with external bodies such as Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Detailed design requirements due to service locations, drainage issues, etc.

Land acquisition

Native Vegetation Council approval

It is recommended that where road construction require substantial pre-planning, funding be allocated the year preceding construction to allow sufficient time for the planning, service alterations, land acquisition and design to be carried out.