Roads, Reserves and Footpaths

Build Roads


Council is responsible for maintaining a total road network of approximately 805km. This increases every year. This consists of approximately 351km of sealed roads, approximately 389km of formed and surfaced roads and approximately 65km of unformed roads.

Council’s 2014/15 budget includes the following proposed works as part of the annual Road Resealing Program and Unsealed Road Sheeting Program. 

Council endeavours to complete the Road Resealing Program and Unsealed Road Sheeting Program within the indicated year, however the program can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs the affected segment will be scheduled in a future works program.


Asset Name Locality Segment Description
Berry Rd Jupiter Creek 1236m east Rowe Rd to Shepherd Rd
Bowden Ct Mount Barker Ray Orr Dr to 155m north Ray Orr Dr
Bower Rd Meadows Rowley Rd to 338m south Rowley Rd
Bridge St Nairne Old Princes Hwy to Sydney Rd
Bruce Cl Mount Barker Zanker Dr to 94m east Zanker Dr
Cameron Rd Mount Barker Gawler St to 192m north Gawler St - Patching only
Cameron Rd Mount Barker Dunn Rd to Childs Rd
Diggings Rd Chapel Hill Todd Rd to 937m south Todd Rd
Druids Av Mount Barker Hutchinson St to Cameron Rd
Duffield Av Mount Barker Wellington Rd to Murray Av
Edinborough St Nairne Jeffrey St to Bartley St
Elizabeth St Nairne Intersection with Stockham St
Farquharson St Nairne Nixon St to Old Princes Hwy
Gawler St Mount Barker Hutchinson St to McLaren St
Griggs Av Prospect Hill Harvey Rd to 380m south Harvey Rd
Gum Tree Dr Littlehampton Saint James Dr to Benjamin Gray Dr
Hawthorn Rd Mount Barker 2246m east Schmeiss Rd to Liebelt Summer Tr
Howard La Mount Barker Alexandrina Rd to Wellington Rd
Jubilee Cr Mount Barker Maldon St to Daw Av
MacFarlane Tce Mount Barker Dutton Rd to 347m south Dutton Rd
Monks Av Littlehampton Taramore Cl to 74m south Taramore Cl
Murray Av Mount Barker Sims Rd to Acacia St
Nixon Rd Totness Mount Barker Rd to 536m west Mount Barker Rd
Paddy Hill Rd Mount Barker Cameron Rd to 185m south Cameron Rd
Plowman Cl Nairne Bassett St to 118m west Bassett St
Poplar Cr Mount Barker Victoria Rd to Hawthorn Wy
Power Ct Mount Barker Fletcher Rd to 222m north Fletcher Rd
Preiss Cl Nairne Jeffrey St to 162m east Jeffrey St
Pulleine Rd Nairne 88m west Elm Ct to Nairne Rd
Ray Orr Dr Mount Barker Wade St to Cook Ct
Scottsburn Rd Echunga Sand Rd to Battunga Rd
Sheidow Cl Mount Barker Zanker Dr to 54m east Zanker Dr
Stamps Rd Flaxley Flaxley Rd to Bugle Range Rd - Patching only
Stonybrook Gr Mount Barker Donoghue Rd to 246m north Donoghue Rd
West Tce Nairne William St to 138m north William St
McLaren St Mount Barker Dunn Rd to Druids Av
Hanna Av Mount Barker Bartram St to Barratt Av
Barratt Av Mount Barker Wunderley Dr to Hanna Av
Reuben Pope Ct Mount Barker Springs Rd to 159m north Springs Rd
Pridmore Tce Mount Barker Adelaide Rd to Hutchinson St
Princes Rd Mount Barker Edward St to Albert Rd
Cook Ct Mount Barker Ray Orr Dr to 54m west Ray Orr Dr
Proctor Rd Kanmantoo Old Princes Hwy to Nursery Rd


Unsealed Roads 

Council has no formal plans to seal unsealed roads or construct new unsealed roads at this point in time however, it is in the process of investigating an upgrade program for unsealed roads that will be subject to funding.