Mawson Road Meadows Undergrounding Powerlines (PLEC)

Mawson Road Meadows Undergrounding Powerlines (PLEC)

Category Current Infrastructure Projects
Project Start Date 12/02/2017
Expected Completion Date 30/06/2017
Proponent District Council of Mount Barker
Project Status Current
Contact Person Infrastructure and Projects
Contact Work: 08 8391 7290

Council has recently been successful in its submission to underground Power Lines on Mawson Road Meadows. Council is contributing 1/3rd of the total cost to underground the Power Lines on Mawson Road and Battunga Road. 

The undergrounding will be placed along the footpath on the northern side of Mawson Road from Exhibition Drive through to properties 27/ 29 Mawson Road south of the Mini Mart.  A short section of powerlines on the western side Battunga Road will also be placed underground.

SA Power Networks (SAPN) will undertake the works as part of the statewide PLEC Scheme.

Council is responsible for engagement with the community but does not have any direct control of the actual works undertaken.   The construction work is Projected Managed by SA Power Networks.  That is, they engage the contractor and direct and control the contractor on site.

Trenching works for the new underground cables are expected to commence in February/ March 2017.   The exact timing is subject to SAPN completing their tender process and negotiations with the successful civil contractor to undertake the works.

Once a contractor is engaged by SAPN and their works process and schedule understood the impact on properties will be clearer and additional information will be provided by Council as and when that is available.

 Meadows PLEC

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