Littlehampton Sewer Upgrade

Littlehampton Sewer Upgrade

Category Current Infrastructure Projects
Project Start Date 17/03/2017
Expected Completion Date 30/06/2018
Proponent District Council of Mount Barker
Project Status Current
Contact Person Infrastructure and Projects
Contact Work: 08 8391 7290

Council has identified that the sewer infrastructure that services Littlehampton requires upgrading to cater for existing and future flows and is staging the works over ten years to increase the capacity.

Stage 4 & 5

May 2017

Design work has been underway for Stages 4 and 5 of the upgrade program with tenders currently being called for construction of these stages.

During the tender process, contractors may require access to properties along the route in order to price the required works to respond to the tender. Contractors have been advised to make themselves known to residents of any property they wish to look at prior to entering the property and will do this via a door knock.  If residents are not home at the time and access is possible ie; no dogs etc they will enter to look at what relates to the project only and leave the property the way they found it. If the property is locked or you have pets etc contact details will be left and an appointment can be made at a later date. Access to the inside of dwellings or outbuildings is not required.

This upgrade is vital to ensure that the sewer infrastructure servicing Littlehampton is able to collect the volume of waste generated by the township now and well into the future, ensuring the health and safety of residents and the local environment. 


March 2017

In preparation for stages 4 and 5, survey work for the design of the section from Cleggett Road to Benjamin Gray Drive has been commissioned and will be undertaken in March/Apri 2017. You may notice paint marks and survey pegs in various places along this section of the sewer network and the surveyors may need access to some properties.


Stage 3 

February to June 2016

Stage 3, to commence in February 2016, will replace the sewer main from Anembo Park through Willow Park and the Steam Ranger rail corridor to Cleggett Road Littlehampton.  The work will be undertaken using the directional boring method, meaning fewer disturbances to the surrounding environment.  There will be no disruption to current sewer service during this time. 

Council’s contractor has indicated completion by June 2016 subject to favourable conditions. 

The cost of this stage is $545,000.


Previous Stages

Stage 1, completed in 2014, replaced two creek crossover pipes and installed siphons and Stage 2 completed in 2015, installed a larger capacity gravity trunk main from the Model Car Club at Anembo Park, under the freeway to the rear of Cornerstone College.

> Information about these stages is available here:


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