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On 16 December 2010, the Mount Barker Urban Growth Development Plan Amendment (MDPA) was Gazetted by the Minister.  The MDPA rezoned approximately 1,310 hectares of land that was previously included in rural zones in the Council’s area for urban development (MDPA Area). The MDPA includes a very broad brush structure plan for the proposed zone that offers little guidance for the provision of infrastructure.

Council’s position is the beneficiary pays principle for major infrastructure provision.

Council’s powers under the Development Act 1993 provide limited scope and only enable Council to require developers to provide certain infrastructure within (and in some cases immediately adjacent) the developer’s land when a development application is lodged.

The statutory power at section 154 of the Local Government Act supports the declaration of a separate rate on rateable land.

Proposed Separate Rates

Wastewater Commitment Separate Rate

Council has previously introduced a Wastewater Commitment separate rate as the primary security mechanism that a developer can utilise where Council has entered into a Wastewater Commitment Deed with a developer for the provision of a sewer service by Council.

Council is now proposing to declare a Wastewater Commitment separate rate on some additional land parcels within the growth areas where requested by a developer.

Consultation Report Wastewater Commitment Separate Rate 2016/17(37 kb)


Proposed New Wastewater Infrastructure Augmentation Separate Rate

Council is proposing to introduce a Wastewater Infrastructure Augmentation separate rate.

This would only apply in respect of the upsizing of wastewater network infrastructure capacity providing a clear benefit to specific land parcels in the growth areas and will be the subject of further community consultation when specific amounts and land parcels are known.

Consultation Report Proposed New Wastewater Infrastructure Augmentation Separate Rate 2016/17(7410 kb) 



To provide comment you can:

come to a public meeting on Monday 20 June 2016 at 5.15pm at the Council Chambers, Level 1, 6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker, when one hour will be designated to seek public comment from members of the community.  Please Note: If you intend to come to the public meeting (and present any feedback) you will need to advise Council by Friday 17 June 2016, by emailing Ros McDougall at; or register by phone 8391 7231.

email any time during the consultation process to ask a question that may assist you in your formal submission or simply to seek further information on the Separate Rates proposals

 Submissions are to be received no later than 5 pm Friday 10 June 2016.


By Post:              

The Chief Executive Officer
District Council of Mount Barker
PO Box 54

By Email:    with “Separate Rate” in the subject heading.


Separate Rates - Nairne

These separate rates were endorsed by Council at the meeting held on 19 May 2014.

Only Payable when land is subdivided

Separate Rate Proposal - Nairne Wastewater (CWMS)(2492 kb)

Separate Rate Proposal - Nairne Recreation Sport & Community(2512 kb)


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