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Ministerial Mount Barker Township Expansion Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

Development Plan Review

Structure Planning in response to the Ministerial Mount Barker Urban Growth DPA: 

Consultation closed on Development Plan Review for Mount Barker Council

Section 30 of the Development Act (1993) requires the District Council of Mount Barker to review its Development Plan and prepare a Strategic Directions Report which addresses strategic planning issues within the District.

In reviewing its Development Plan Council must undertake public consultation to provide the community with the opportunity to raise planning issues for strategic consideration.

Public consultation is now closed, having occurred between the 4 November 2010 and 12 January 2011. Council received approximately 24 public submissions.

A public meeting of Council's Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee will be held at 7pm on the 28 March 2011 at the Council Chambers, 6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker. Those submissions which indicated they wished to be heard will be invited to speak at this meeting.

Council will then consider the written public submissions in the development of its Strategic Directions Report.

> Paper 1: Urban Issues Discussion Paper (1MB)

> Paper 2: Rural Issues Discussion Paper (5MB)

> Paper 3: Rural Lands Land Use and Economics by Rural Solutions July 2009 (2MB)

> Development Plan Review Information and Submission Form Nov 2010 (226kb)


Environment, Resources and Development Committee

Hansard record availble via the Parliament of South Australia website.

> Environment, Resources and Development Committee Report


Development Policy Advisory Committee

Summary of Consultation and Proposed Amendments Report for the Minister for Urban Development and Planning by the Development Policy Advisory Committee:

> DPAC Report (1MB)

> DPAC Report Attachment A: List of Agencies and Persons who were advised of the Development Plan Amendment (52kb)

> DPAC Report Attachment B: Copies of Statutory and Other Public Notification documents (1MB)

> DPAC Report Attachment C: Summary of Public and Council Representations and Comments (5MB)

> DPAC Report Attachment D: Summary of State Government Agency Comments (3MB)

> DPAC Report Attachment E: Summary of Specific Public Recommendations regarding Proposed Policy (1MB)

> DPAC Report Attachment F: Land recommended for inclusion within the area directly affected by the draft Development Plan Amendment (487kb)


Urban Expansion proposed for Mount Barker and Nairne

Council Report – 7 March 2011

Council received a report at the meeting held 7 March 2011 which included a table of infrastructure requirements.

The document has been prepared by the State Government with input from council officers and developers – not agreed to by Council. 
Tabled by the State Government at the Environment, Resources and Development Committee of Parliament, is now a public document.

> Ministerial DPA Transport Infrastructure (19kb)


Ministerial DPA Announcement:

News Release – 16 December 2010

On the 16 December 2010 the Ministerial Mount Barker Urban Growth DPA was approved and gazetted. This means the proposed zoning changes have now taken affect and have been incorporated into the Mount Barker (DC) Development Plan.

Following the 540 submission including Council’s detailed submission, and the 120 people who spoke at the DPAC sessions in September and October the DPA has been revised and approved. The revised DPA has rezoned the 1200 hectares of land at Mount Barker as a Residential Neighbourhood Zone but;

  • now excludes the land to the north west immediately adjacent Totness Range

  • introduces Policy Area 23 Restricted Urban to mitigate the impact of existing intensive animal keeping and primary production on urban development – this applies to the far west and far south of the area being rezoned.

  • Keeps the whole of Mount Barker as Medium Bushfire Risk and does not introduce the proposed General Risk Area.

The DPA has still rezoned the 45 hectares south of Nairne for Residential Medium Density and the 41 hectares at Wistow to Light Industry.

> Ministerial DPA Map of Re-zoned Area (824kb) 

The District Council of Mount Barker commits to manage on behalf of its community the implementation of the new Ministerial Development Plan Amendment (DPA) for Mount Barker and Nairne.

Council is disappointed that the final DPA does not reflect all of Council’s suggested changes but is very strongly of the view that it must work to the best of its ability to implement the DPA in the best interests of existing and future residents.

Mayor Ann Ferguson said the DPA would disappoint many in the community but that Council has a responsibility to ‘remain at the table’ to manage the DPA’s implementation.

“Council remains committed to growth that is sustainable, managed and staged with the right infrastructure,” said Mayor Ferguson.

“It is our responsibility to act in the best interests of our community and make the best of the DPA that we have been given. Whatever Council’s concerns with this Ministerial DPA, it has been approved and it is now the reality with which we must deal. 

“Council commits to work with all parties, including the State Government, to make sure that development is managed and the right infrastructure is in place. That includes roads, essential services and community facilities that keep pace with growth and accommodate sustainable living.

“We will continue to listen to our community and all views before we make decisions. Our negotiations will at all times be transparent, fair and in the best interests of those that we represent. 

“We want a whole-of-town approach to the development of Mount Barker as a regional centre.”

Council will formally consider the DPA and its detail at its next meeting on 20 December 2010.

Media Contact: CEO Andrew Stuart, 0419 817 799

> Ministerial DPA media release (141kb)


Public Consultation on the Minister for Urban Development and Planning’s Ministerial Mount Barker Urban Growth Development Plan Amendment (DPA) closed on the 4 August 2010.

This DPA proposed to amend the Mount Barker (DC) Development Plan by rezoning approximately 1,300 hectares of rural land for residential and industrial use.

Council has delivered its submission on the DPA to the Minister’s Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC) and requested to be heard at the Public Meeting to be held 7.00pm Tuesday 31 August at Wallis Cinemas, Mount Barker. 

Update: 24 September 2010 

On 14 September the Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC) were scheduled to hold the last session of the public meeting on the Ministerial Mount Barker Urban Growth Development Plan Amendment.

At this meeting DPAC were not able to hear all those who requested to be heard and after midnight decided to adjourn the meeting to a fifth session.

The State Government now advises that a fifth session has been organised for 7.00pm Wednesday the 13 October 2010 at Cinema 1, Wallis Cinemas, 17 Adelaide Road, Mount Barker. 

The State Government will placed public notices advising of this in the following papers:

  • The Advertiser, 25/9/10
  • Mt Barker Courier, 29/9/10
  • Adelaide Hills Weekender, 1/10/10

Update: 31 August 2010

To view the slides which will accompany Council’s presentation at the DPAC hearing on 31 August 2010

> DPAC Presentation 31 August 2010 (1MB)


Update: 23 August 2010,  Additional Public Meetings

DPAC received 540 public submissions on the Ministerial Mount Barker Urban Growth DPA. As a result of the number of written submissions received in relation to the DPA, the Public Meeting program has been extended with three additional sessions. The scheduled Public Meeting session times are now as follows:

  • Tuesday, 31 August 2010 – commencing at 7.00pm (no change to this date and time)

Additional Public Meetings:

  • Wednesday, 1 September – commencing at 7.00pm
  • Wednesday, 8 September – commencing at 7.00pm
  • Tuesday, 14 September – commencing at 7.00pm.

All sessions of the Public Meetings will be held in Cinema 1, Wallis Cinemas, 17 Adelaide Road, Mount Barker

Additional Notices concerning the additional Public Meetings will be placed in the following newspapers and the Government Gazette on the dates outlined below:

  • The Advertiser, 21/8/10 & 28/8/10
  • The Mount Barker Courier, 25/8/10
  • The Adelaide Hills Weekender, 26/8/10
  • Government Gazette, 26/8/10. 

Processs From Here

After the public meetings, DPAC’s role will be to consider the submissions and then make a recommendation to the Minister on whether he approves, refuses, or amends the DPA.

Council’s Submission

Council’s submission indicates it does not support the DPA.

The submission goes on to outline that the DPA’s proposed rezoning of 1,300 hectares significantly exceeds the land area and population target identified in the State Government’s 30 Year Plan. 

Council proposes increasing the capacity of the existing towns to accommodate denser development and, in so doing, significantly reducing the demand for greenfield land.

This position follows detailed consideration of the DPA proposals, independent and internal reports attached to this submission, Council and State Government strategic documents and ongoing consultation with the community, including six community information sessions arranged by Council.

DPA links

> Council’s submission and appendices Mt Barker submission MDPA (986kb)

> Appendix A DCMB Submission to 30YR Plan (4MB)

> Appendix A DCMB Submission to 30YR Plan Appendices (926kb)

> Appendix B Infrastructure Implications of the Ministerial DPA Report by Parsons Brinckerhoff: Complete (9MB)

> Appendix B Infrastructure Implications of the Ministerial DPA Report by Parsons Brinckerhoff: Report Only (2MB)

> Appendix B Infrastructure Implications of the Ministerial DPA Report by Parsons Brinckerhoff: Appendices Only (8MB)

> Appendix C Social Infrastructure Impacts Report (661kb)

> Appendix D Building Sustainable communities DCMB econ report (225kb)

> Appendix E Correspondence from DTEI (528kb)

> Appendix F Scope for Near Term Efficiency Gains in Housing Supply (1MB)

> Appendix G MDPA Mt Barker Risk Management Implications for DCMB Coonan (86kb)

Media release 

> Media Release DCMB Submission A (83kb)

> Media Release Maps (451kb)

> adcomp_map (5MB)

The Ministerial DPA as released for public consultation

The Minister for Urban Development and Planning has released for public consultation the Ministerial Mount Barker Urban Growth Development Plan Amendment (DPA). This DPA will amend the Mount Barker (DC) Development Plan by rezoning approximately 1300 hectares of rural land for residential and industrial use.

The Minister’s DPA proposes creating a Residential Neighbourhood Zone (1237 hectares) for Mount Barker, a Light Industry Zone (41 hectares) off Wellington Road towards Wistow, and a Medium Density Residential Area (45 hectares) south of Nairne.

> Proposed Ministerial DPA Rezonings: MtBarker Urban Growth Map (206kb)

> The Ministerial DPA Mount Barker Urban Growth Boundary Consultation (13MB)

Council intends to use this website as the central point for sharing information with and making the community aware of developments with the Ministerial DPA. Details and developments on the Ministerial DPA will progressively be uploaded onto this webpage. 

6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
T 8391 7200