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Dog Registration

Fees and Charges

Dog registration renewals are due from the 1st July and the last day to pay is the 31st August.
Any Registrations paid after the 31st August will receive a $10.00 late fee Per Dog.
Puppies need to be registered by 3 months of age.

For a list of the fees and charges please click here.

Registration payments can be made via online payments.

Ratepayers are advised that it is their responsibility to notify Council if the dogs' location changes or you move out of the district.
Concession rates: Proof of Desexing, Microchipping and Training up to and including Level 3 must be sighted by a Council officer before rebate/concession is granted.

Dog registration form

Please down-load this form for new registrations, if your dog is microchipped or desexed don't forget to send in a copy of the desexing certificate from your vet and your dogs registered microchip number. Also if you've moved house you'll need to check that the Microchip details are correct on national animal register.

Dog registration form(190 kb)

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How many dogs can I keep on my property?

In a flat or unit, one dog

In a house, two dogs

Rural Property, three dogs and two working dogs

By-Law 5: Application for a permit to keep more than two dogs (207kb)

By-Law 5 Dogs(305 kb)

Dog Transfer of Ownership Form(83 kb)

For further information and a copy of the dispensation application please contact one of Council’s Animal Management Officers on 8391 7200 or email:

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Dog attacks

If you are the victim or have witnessed a dog attack:
  • Report the incident immediately to Council 8391 7200
  • Seek medical or veterinary treatment as a priority

Please note that if you contact Council’s after hour service, all information will be documented and someone will contact you within 24 hours. Alternatively download an incident statement below.

Dog Attack Incident Statement(111 kb)

Dog Attack Witness Statement(91 kb)

Further information regarding the process involving a dog attack and be found here.

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Barking Dogs

Dogs are an important part of our community, however dogs that bark excessively can become a source of irritation for neighvours and others using the local environment. Our best friend can, if it barks continually can become an intrusion and create friction between neighbours. Neighbours can help each other to solve barking problems by communicating to each other their concerns and needs. Your neighbour may not even be aware that their dog is causing an issue.

‘Dealing with a Barking Dog Resource Kit and Complaint Form’ contains information for both owners and complainants:

Dealing with a barking dog resource kit and complaint form(192 kb)

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Wandering Dogs

A dog is considered to be 'wandering at large' if the dog is in a public or private place (ie: shopping centre or Council streets and roads)  without the consent of the occupier and nobody is exercising effective control of the dog by means of a physical restraint.

A dog is considered to be ‘wandering at large in a park’ if no person is exercising effective control of the dog, either
1) By means of a physical restraint
2) By command, the dog being in close proximity to the person and the person being able to see the dog at all times

If your dog is found to be wandering at large, it will be taken to our Hahndorf Pound. It will be held there for three days and if not collected, the pound will attempt to re-home it.

To collect your dog from the Pound, it will be necessary call the pound on 8388 7514
You will need your driver's licence or other form of identification that shows your current address
Each dog will be charged a $50 impound fee. If the dog is also unregistered and over three months of age, it will also be necessary to register the dog before it is released.
Note: You may also receive a $210.00 fine for “Dog Wandering at Large”

If you find a wandering dog and would like Council to collect it, Council would prefer the dog to be restrained as it could wander off again. If you are not keen to do so due to the dog's nature, please make sure that you advise the officer of a possible "problem" dog. Either way, notify the officer of how the dog has been detained.
The officer will attempt to be there within one hour of receiving the call.

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Lost Dogs

To report a lost dog, please contact Council on 8391-7200 during business hours. We will search our register of dogs that we have in the Pound and our Lost Dogs Register to match you up with your lost pet.

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Dog Areas

Dogs on a Leash and Dog Free Areas

The ownership of a dog is an important life-style decision for many people so in 2009 Council endorsed a report that gave people choice to walk in areas where dogs were required to be on a lead. Dogs owners were also provided with areas where they could exercise their dogs off leash.

Dogs on leash areas in the Mt Barker District (2MB)

MAP Dog on Leash areas Mt Barker Township (414kb)

Barka Park

Barka Park is the first dog park in Mount Barker which officially opened for ‘doggy’ business on 26 July 2015. For more information visit the Barka Park page

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Council Dog Pound

Counci's Dog Pound is located at 60 Martins Rd, Hahndorf
Dogs will be  available for collection between 10am and 4.00pm or by appointment by phoning 8388 7514.


6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
T 8391 7200